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Your Resource for Life Insurance and TSP Rollover Strategies

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Know Your Options

  • VGLI is an option but may not be your best. Your VGLI amount (initially) depends on your SGLI amount. Your rates increase every 5 years.
  • Term and Permanent Life Insurance Strategies.
  • Tax efficient and Life Insurance Retirement Strategies.
  • Coverage for you and your spouse (if applicable).
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TSP Rollover Strategies

  • Annuity strategies designed with protection and growth in mind.
  • Guaranteed income when you need it most.
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Our Recommended Next Steps

First and foremost – don’t wait. We see it all too often. A month becomes a year, a year becomes two… and so on. 

The longer you wait, the more your insurance options change. 


For more information, Text benefits to 844.408.1437 OR


  • There are two main types of life insurance.
  • One expires. One lasts forever (think of renting a home VS buying). Both have value and place in life.
  • It’s possible to have term insurance now, and then convert it to permanent later in life.
  • Life insurance companies have decades worth of data and what are called mortality tables.
  • These tables predict the probability of death based on factors like age, gender, and more.
  • You go through underwriting and are placed in a risk class — you might have heard terms like Preferred, Non-Preferred, Standard, etc.
  • You will be presented with a rate (AKA a premium).
  • Think of riders as icing on the cake. The Life Insurance Policy is the core, and riders are additional benefits.
  • Example: A Return of Premium Rider means that if you don’t use your policy when it expires, you get all your premium back. It’s a win-win!
  • Living Benefits. This can be money to you if you experience a critical illness such as a stroke, heart attack, or cancer, AND don’t die.