Employee BenEfits

As a business owner, choosing the right employee benefits partner is proven to deliver a sustainable ROI

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We Recommend Strategies NOT Products

The Foundation

  • Plan Design and Network: Fully-Insured, level-funded or self-funded. What does this mean to you and your P&L?
  • Create a Funding Strategy. Employer Paid, Partial Employer Paid (50/50 with employees). We help design a funding strategy to ensure your healthcare dollars work for you.
  • Bring it in for the big win.  Employee communication, enrollment, administration, monthly management, claim management and renewal.

The Upside

  • We are the glue that aligns all shareholder goals and expectations, Employer, Employee and Insurance Company.
  • Think of us as an extension of your HR team. We work for you.  We provide all employee communication material, employee benefit handbook, utilization and financial reports (when needed), assist with payroll if needed and more. 
  • You run your business, attract and retain top talent and let us manage your healthcare spend dollars.
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What Is Your Strategy?

  • 157 Million Americans get their health insurance from their employer.
  • Healthcare is usually among the top 4 expenses in a companies P&L.
  • In 2019 healthcare spend in the U.S. was $3.8 Trillion. Do you understand how this impacts your renewal?

For more information, Text benefits to 844.408.1437 OR