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You and Your Family Have Direct Access To Our Employee Benefit Package

We Offer The Most Affordable Way to Protect You and Your Family. Now and Forever. 

Term Life Insurance

  1. Most Affordable Method of Protection. Staring at $15 Monthly
  2. 10, 15, 20 and 30 Year Term. No Price Increase
  3. Potential Full Return of Premium if Never Used. All Your Money Back

Permanent Life Insurance

  1. Lasts Forever. Leave Your Family Something. No Matter What
  2. Flexible Payment Methods. Adjust Coverage Amounts
  3. Cash Value that may Increase Over The Years. 
  4. Access to Cash Value Later in Life

Critical Illness

  1. Tax Free, Lump Sum Cash in Your Pocket upon the Diagnosis of a Covered Critical Illness Condition. I.E., Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Organ Failure and more
  2. Policies Starting at $15 Monthly for $20,000 Worth of Coverage. * Underwriting Applies 
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Sometimes The Best Life Choices Start With A Little Eduction. We Are Here To Help

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Our Philosophy
on Life Insurance.

You never need life insurance, until you do. We believe life insurance is a critical part of an overall financial plan. Life insurance is never a one size fits all. We go to great lengths to educate you on all your options. Our resource center is a great place to start… so is one of our agents if you want to chat.


Fortis Life Group is an independent insurance agency specializing in life insurance, critical illness, employee benefits and more. We provide protection during life’s unforeseen and unimaginable events




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